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Prior to campuses opening-up to employees, parents, students, and community, the campuses will be thoroughly disinfected in accordance with health guidelines. The campuses will also be equipped with the necessary disinfecting supplies and personal protective equipment (ppe). All employees and students will undergo required training on new health and safety protocols which include daily entry screenings, wearing of face shields and masks, hand washing protocol, and social distancing.

The Brownsville Independent School District has purchased 21,000 additional Chromebooks to assist the campuses with technology needs. Additionally, the campuses have taken an inventory of the available devices at their campuses so the technology department can distribute the additional devices based on need. Some of these devices include Ipads and tablets. The district was awarded a grant, The Sprint Million Project, which has assisted the district in distributing hotspots to students. When the district closed due to the pandemic, The Spring Million Project Grant assisted us in modifying the grant requirements so the district could provide hotspots to elementary and middle school students as the grant was only for high school. Out of the 3,342 hot spots provided to the high schools during the 2019-2020 school year, 351 hotspots were sent out PK-8th grade upon request. The rest were provided to high school students. These hotspots may be kept by the student for the remainder of their public school education and on through college. Parents who are in need of a technology device should contact their children’s school prior to the start of the school year. The school district will continue to support parents through the BISD technology hotline. The campuses also have a person designated to assist the parents with technology and software program needs. Please contact the school for the hotline number. Online modules to assist the teachers, parents, and students with additional training may be found on the district main website, .

Technology Hotline:
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Extracurricular activities will follow the same safety protocols employed on campus during the school day, with school-based extracurricular activities resuming when face to face instruction begins. All student assemblies are postponed until further notice. Travel and field lessons as well as college visits will be completely virtual until we return to face to face instruction and all travel related activities and field lessons will need approval from the assistant superintendent, deputy, and superintendent.

As we begin the new school year, all BISD Fine Arts instruction will continue via online platforms. Fine Arts education plays a critical role in supporting the social and emotional needs of students. Our directors and staff will continue to provide a pathway for students to express themselves in a safe and positive way. Our plans will be adjusted as COVID-19 conditions change. Once our local health officials and our BISD administration clear our staff and students to return to face to face instruction, our guidelines will be reviewed, practiced, and documented to ensure all stakeholders are informed, trained, and prepared for our rehearsals and possible performances.

All athletic instruction will continue using virtual platforms. Coaches will continue to work with our athletes on sport strategy, strength and conditioning, character development, and nutrition. Coaches will receive instruction from state and local health organizations to ensure all staff and students remain healthy and safe. Once our local health department and our BISD administration clear our staff and students to return to face to face instruction, Athletic Return to Play protocols will be reviewed, practiced, and documented to ensure all stakeholders are informed, trained, and prepared.

All Elementary Campuses will be open and offer curbside meals from 10:00am to 1:00pm. Students will not need to be in the vehicle. BISD FNS can ONLY feed BISD enrolled students during the school year. Parents will receive a hot lunch and a cold breakfast . Parents must bring their enrolled child’s barcoded ID letter provided by the school district. The barcodes must be prominently displayed on the windshield to allow FNS to scan each barcode to verify enrollment and provide contactless meals to the parent or guardian. If the parent does not have their enrolled student’s ID Barcode, we will ask the parent to move to the side to obtain the student’s name, ID number if known, Date of Birth, address and home campus and try and find the student’s ID Barcode number to ensure they have faster access to meals the following day. The parent will pick up the pre-packed, heat sealed, three(3) compartment tray and will be allowed to select, by pointing, their choice of milk, fruit and second vegetable (none of which are required to be taken or selected). FNS will then scan the barcode in order to maintain the integrity of the program of one meal type (Breakfast and Lunch) per student.

Transportation support plan and protocols :

● Phase 1: Support the delay of reopening on-campus instructions (all online instructions) by placing drivers to work at different locations; District Schools, buses with internet HOTSPOT locations, and/or Food and Nutrition Services Department or any other location as required.
○ Time of Duration: 4+ weeks & as required.

● Phase 2: Provide tailored support as required by the district’s school reopening plan moving ahead with; on-campus instructions with online instructions and/or a combination of both.
○ Time of Duration: TBD

● Phase 3: Move to a full Support of the legacy or traditional transportation requirements for on-campus instructions once approved by the Superintendent.
○ Time of Duration: TBD

TBD Transportation Protocols by phase:
Phase 1:
● Staff is required to report to the assigned location until further notice.
● Staff are required to use protective masks.
● Staff are required to maintain social distancing and exercise hand washing.
● Follow all District protocol for this pandemic reporting procedure.
● PPE is provided by the district.

Phase 2 and 3:
● Transport students according to CDC/TEA/District guidelines.
● Drive with windows down.
● Sanitize the bus after each run.
● Implement and support the district’s monitoring and checking of students to make sure students wear the mask and keep the proper social distance. ● Driver assigns seat to students.
● Follow the reporting protocol when a student or employee is found to be infected with COVID-19 or is reported by the parent.
● Follow all instructions from the school as far as loading and unloading students at the schools.
● If a rider, student or driver is positive for the virus, the bus will be sanitized immediately.
BISD is committed to educating parents, students, staff, and stakeholders about the BISD 2020-2021 Reopening Plan in advance of the start of the upcoming school year. The plan will be translated into Spanish and distributed using a variety of communication channels.

● Emails and phone messages
● Blog posts
● Websites
● Community and staff meetings
● Social media
● News media
● Parent guides
● Principal toolkits
The Reopening Plan and all associated information will be available on the
district’s dedicated Reopening Page:
BISD employees will continue to meet the work expectations set by their employers, subject to any applicable employment contract terms.
● School teachers and staff should be trained specifically on the protocols outlined in this document as it is in adherence to TEA guidelines. The Texas Agri-Life Extension offers a free course on Special Considerations for Infection Control During COVID-19. This is a 2 hour course intended to frontline childcare workers, these principles also apply to those working in school settings,
● Campuses should attempt to reduce in-person staff meetings or other opportunities for staff to congregate. When a meeting is necessary, ensure that they are held in locations where people can social distance and everyone must follow the mask/face shield protocols. Try as much as possible to hold meetings through electronic means using systems such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams

We ask for your assistance. Please be vigilant about what your children bring to school on their person, in backpacks, or in vehicles. Items such as toy guns, toy knives, lighters and other contraband are prohibited and will be taken seriously.
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The best source for information regarding school closures is the district’s School Messenger system, BISD’s mobile app, KBSD TV,, our social media accounts, and local television and radio stations.
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