Facts and Statistics
School Year Peak Number of Students
School Year Peak Number of Students
2019-20 43,188
2018-19 44,356
2017-18 45,578
2016-17 46,880
2015-16 47,749
2014-15 48,388
2013-14 49,370
2012-13 49,361
2011-12 49,703
2010-11 49,991
2009-10  49,155
2008-09 48,617
2007-08  48,858
2006-07 48,391
BISD Schools
Alternative Schools 3
Early College High Schools 7
Middle Schools 10
Elementary Schools 34
Student Support Services
Number of Instructional Computers In Use 30,000
Number of School Buses 273
Daily Bus Riders 23,000
Daily Breakfasts Served 22,000
Daily Lunches Served 42,000

Student Profile and Special Programs Enrollment

Student Profile
Ethnicity (Hispanic) 40,165 (98.53%)
Economically Disadvantaged 36,369 (89.22%)
At Risk 28,484 (69.87%)
Limited English Proficient 14,340 (35.18%)
Migrant  429 (1.05%)
Special Programs Enrollment
Bilingual/ESL 13,739 (33.7%)
Career and Technology 14,339 (35.17%)
Special Education 5,891 (14.45%)
Gifted and Talented 4,659 (11.43%)
Student Attendance Rate 96.99%
*Source 2019-2020 PEIMS Submission Percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding.

Personnel Update and Salary Incentives

Salary Incentives
Brownsville ISD teacher salaries rival those of other local districts. Salaries start at $41,950 for beginning teachers and reach $64,558 for teachers with a master’s degree and 29 or more years of experience.
Professional Staff:
Teachers 2,911.5 (44.0%)
Professional Support 626.7 (9.5%)
Campus Administration (School Leadership) 190.1 (2.9%)
Central Administration 9.0 (0.1%)
Educational Aides: 771.7 (11.7%)
Auxiliary Staff: 2,106.2 (31.8%)
*Source 2019-2019 PEIMS Submission Percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding.

Revenues and Expenditures

Where the Money Comes From - 2017-2018 School Year All Funds
Where the Money Goes - 2017-2018 School Year All Funds by Function

We ask for your assistance. Please be vigilant about what your children bring to school on their person, in backpacks, or in vehicles. Items such as toy guns, toy knives, lighters and other contraband are prohibited and will be taken seriously.
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The best source for information regarding school closures is the district’s School Messenger system, BISD’s mobile app, KBSD TV, www.bisd.us, our social media accounts, and local television and radio stations.
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