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Software Related:
Q: How can I get user access to the system?
A: You will need to fill out a “User Request Form and scan/e-mail to: or

Q: Where is the Login page for the software?
A: Software Login is available through our website and through the Purchasing website.

Q: How can I retrieve my password?
A: Call or e-mail our department to have your user login reset.

Q: How can I change my password?
A: Follow the instructions provided in our Documents Tab, titled
“How to change your password in IFAS Web Version”.
Purchase Requisitions:
Q: Why am I getting this message; “User is not defined on the PEUPPE database”?
A: System error; close and re-open the Purchase Request Screen and start a new PR.

Q: Why am I getting this message; “Due to the current status of the PO no items can be received.”?
A: This means that the Purchase Requisition has already been received in system.

Q: Why is the total amount of my PR incorrect?
A: If you modified a line item, this may have triggered the error. First, review each item to ensure all quantities are correct. If problem persists, delete the entire line that was changed and re-enter the information.

Q: Why doesn’t it let me approve my PR? It won’t accept the comments I am trying to enter…
A: DO NOT use any special characters in the comments section when approving the purchase request order. (EX: &, $, #, @)

Q: Can I approve a PR for someone else?
A: NO; each user must have their own user access to comply with their perspective assignments. We will not release any user ID’s or passwords over the phone. A written request via e-mail from principal/administrator is required.

Q: I approved the purchase request but it is not moving through workflow.
A: You will need to re-call the purchase request by making a minor change and hit enter. (Ex: EA-Each) Then, re-approve the PR.